Management of Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Center Hapur took the initiative to setup, one of the most advanced medical & comprehensive skill lab which provides health care students, opportunity to learn professional skills on training manikins in clinical/controlled environment with periodic up gradation as and when required.

Programs in skill training & simulation based education are necessary to avert unnecessary medical errors & to offer quality health care services to people. The establishment of skills laboratory is a step towards achieving goal of Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) who is a well trained skillful professional .It has been made mandatory by NMC for every medical college to have a well equipped skill lab in their premises.

In other words, Simulation & Training solutions will enable learners & provide opportunity for hands on deliberate practice, development of decision making skills, improved communication & team work skills.

Technical in charge / Computer operator
Skill laboratory, RMCH&RC, Hapur(U.P)


A Centre of excellence in basic skills so as to enable health care profession students to be competent in delivering the health care needs effectively.


  1. To train and develop necessary skills (Procedural) in medical undergraduate / Post Graduate as per needs & competency statements of NMC.
  2. Effective teaching of clinical communication & team skills as per guidelines of skill training module.


  1. It is a new concept in the field of Medical education.
  2. A medical simulation much like a flight simulation for airplane pilots, evaluates the ability of health care professional to handle real life medical emergencies.
  3. Medical simulation / skill lab uses training manikins to teach health care students the skill to manage real life emergencies.
  4. Skill lab at our medical college has more than 50 training manikins from simple task trainers to more complex, interactive, computer based units.


Following manikins / models are available in skill lab.

  1. Basic life support trainers
  2. Advanced cardiac life support trainers
  3. Adult & infant airway trainers (including bag – mask ventilation & endotracheal intubation)
  4. ICD Trainers
  5. Peripheral intravenous access
  6. Advanced adult CPR training Manikin
  7. Advanced child CPR training Manikin
  8. Advanced infant CPR training Manikin
  9. Advanced neonate CPR training Manikin
  10. Advanced surgical suture model (Arm & leg both)
  11. Injectable training arm model
  12. Urinary catheterization model
  13. Breast examination model
  14. Advanced Delievery ( Maternal & neonate both ) emergency manikin
  15. Advanced Female contraception model
  16. Buttock injection model
  17. Various other models like birth demonstration model, male muscle figure with internal organ , neonatal scalp vein puncture model , development process of fetus etc. are available in skill lab.